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Dr Marta De Tommaso


Rome is my city but every day I try to see it through the eyes of those who arrive here for the first time. During my visits I try to share the love and affection that I have for Rome and its beauty, incomparable to other places all over the world.

Everything in Rome can be charming: ruins in the middle of the city, an old slab under the feet or a tiny and pretty niche with sacred images in the city centre.

In Rome you can breathe the beauty, and the greatness of its past.

Everywhere you walk in Rome you find little pieces of the past . It isn’t easy to understand its complicate history. For this reason it will be a pleasure for me to lead you through the city and tell you wonderful stories about the Eternal City.

My walking tours show you the present and the past, telling you stories about Roman characters that made the real history!

Rome will be a surprise for adults and children with fascinating places and many mysteries, discoverable just through the explanations of a real professional tourist guide!

I hope that your stay in Rome with me will make you want to come back to this great city.

You will discover Rome with Dr. Marta De Tommaso or her esteemed colleagues. She pursued a B.A. in Archaeology with honours and a Master’s in Publishing and Communications, working also in a well-known Publishing House based in Rome.

In 2009 she began to collaborate for Regional Park of the Appian Way as Tourist Guide, tour operator and children teacher. She works in Rome and surroundings also for cultural associations, schools, tour operators and privates groups.

In 2011 she earned a professional license as Tourist Guide in Rome.

A tour with her is never boring but always relaxing and pleasant because she chooses to explain things through highlighting between the present and the past, making for an interesting experience for adults and children.